Left iris

Dublin Based

Music Band


Left Iris is an exciting new trio formed in Dublin in 2023. Drawing from various genres, they create a blend of Pop music inspired by Shoegaze, Alternative Rock and Electronica. The results are singable, melodic tunes wrapped in layers of guitars, harmonies and synthesisers. The trio hails from Dublin and Andalusia, bringing together an eclectic mix of styles and influences.

2023 saw the release of two singles, the jangly Shoegaze-infused ‘New Room’, and the ethereal Power Pop tune ‘Crash’. After completing the live band towards the end of the year, the group debuted in Workman’s with further performances in St Maur’s Church and the Cobblestone.

Crash - Lyric Video


February 24th - Anseo Dublin

March 13th - The Cellar Dublin

March 29th - The Loft Galway